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About Escher


Day and Night

M.C. Escher woodcut in black and grey, printed from 2 blocks February 1938
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Hand with Reflecting Sphere

M.C. Escher lithograph January 1935
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Three Worlds

M.C. Escher lithograph December 1955
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M.C. Escher woodcut in orange, green and black, printed from three blocks July 1969
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San Gimignano

M.C. Escher woodcut January-February 1923
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M.C. Escher lithograph July 1953
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Convex and Concave

M.C. Escher lithograph March 1955
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M.C. Escher lithograph February 1930
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Other World

M.C. Escher wood engraving and woodcut in black, reddish brown and green, printed from three blocks January 1947
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M.C. Escher lithograph May 1944
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Tower of Babel

M.C. Escher woodcut February 1928
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Print Gallery

M.C. Escher lithograph May 1956
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M.C. Escher lithograph March 1943
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Three Spheres II

M.C. Escher lithograph April 1946
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M.C. Escher lithograph October 1961
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Metamorphosis II

M.C. Escher woodcut in black, green and brown, printed from twenty blocks, on three combined sheets November 1939 - March 1940
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M.C. Escher lithograph July 1945
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M.C. Escher woodcut in red, black and grey, printed from three blocks July 1946
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Drawing Hands

M.C. Escher lithography January 1948
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Metamorphosis I

M.C. Escher woodcut May 1937
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Stories about Escher

Get to know Maurits Cornelis Escher. Articles by our curator and other authors provide deeper insight into his life and work.

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The life of Escher

Read the fascinating life story of Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972)

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The life of Escher, year by year.

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