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About Escher

His most famous prints, articles about his life and work, his life story.
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The latest Escher Today 10 March 2018

Albert Bosman and Bruno Ernst

Today is the start of the 'Boekenweek' (Bookweek), a nice occasion to highlight an artwork which is seen less and less: a bookplate. Escher created several of them, mostly for friends. The first one when he was 17, for his own library. The one you see here, from 1946, was…...
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Dutchman Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972) is one of the most famous graphic artists in the world. The way he plays with perspective, space and reality means he remains fascinating even today. The highlights of his collection can be seen in Escher in Het Paleis.

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Stories about Escher

Get to know Maurits Cornelis Escher. Articles by our curator and other authors provide deeper insight into his life and work.

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The life of Escher

Read the fascinating life story of Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972)

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The life of Escher, year by year.

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Escher on film

Over the years, several interesting documentaries and short films have been made about Maurits Escher. On this page, we show a selection of them, along with a brief description.

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