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Lange Voorhout 74
2514 EH Den Haag
T: 070-4277730
E: info@escherinhetpaleis.nl

Visitor information

Disabled access

All the rooms in the palace are accessible to wheelchairs. We also have a small lift (84 x 103 cm in size).
The entrance to the palace can be reached up just a few steps. Escher in The Palace has a wheelchair ramp located at the counter.
Electric wheelchairs are unfortunately too heavy for this ramp. Should you wish to visit us with an electric wheelchair, we advise you to come with a companion. You may then use our own wheelchair. This will, however, need to be pushed by your companion.
Are you coming to visit Escher in The Palace? Let us know and we will make sure the wheelchair ramp is ready at the entrance.
Due to the fact that Escher in The Palace is a listed building, unfortunately we do not have a toilet for the disabled.


You may take photographs without flash in The Palace. The use of a tripod or selfie stick is not allowed.

The work of Escher is protected under copyright of the M.C. Escher Company and can not be used without permission for commercial use. For more information about the copyright have a look on the website of the M.C. Escher Company: www.mcescher.com

Cloakroom & bag policy

Umbrellas and bags larger than A4 size cannot be taken into the rooms. You may leave these items at the cloakroom, or use our free lockers (these require a 1 euro coin, which is returned). You can find these in the basement, next to our cafe. Escher in The Palace does not take any responsibilty for damage to or loss of any goods that are taken into custody by our visitors. We have limited options for leaving suitcases, trolleys, and other travel luggage. Please ask at our ticket counter if there’s room at that particular moment. An alternative is using The Hague Central station. There you will find spacious lockers where you may leave your luggage. We regret to inform you that prams, folding bikes and other large items will not fit into our cloakroom.
Directions by our staff need to be followed at any time.

Eating & drinking

During your visit you are welcome in our MC Café. Eating and drinking outside the café is not allowed.


Bringing pets into The Palace is not allowed.

Lost & found

Please get in contact with us by phone if you have lost items in The Palace.