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Lange Voorhout 74
2514 EH Den Haag
T: 070-4277730
E: info@escherinhetpaleis.nl
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Prepare to be amazed by the works of M.C. Escher


Escher in The Palace is open to the public, but not in the manner it was previously. Due to the regulations of the Dutch government, it is mandatory that every visitor aged 13 and over must show a coronavirus entry pass at our museum. This pass will be scanned at the cash register.

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An overview of our admission tickets and accepted discount passes.
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Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday: 11.00 – 17.00
Please note: the cash register closes at 16:30

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What's on

Escher in The Palace is a permanent exhibition dedicated to the world-famous, imaginative artist M.C. Escher. Read about our permanent collection and temporary exhibitions.

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The latest Escher Today 27 November 2021


In November 1929, Escher produced a print that for once was not the direct result of a journey he had made that spring. From 1925 to 1936, he followed a fixed pattern of travelling through Italy in the spring, to the Abruzzi, Sicily, Calabria or the Amalfi Coast. In the…
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14 October 2021 to 9 January 2022

Looking With Your Hands

To celebrate The Hague Fashion Week, Escher in The Palace is organising the exhibition Looking With Your Hands, featuring fashion you can touch by Dutch-Curaçaoan designer Michelangelo Winklaar. Inspired by his visually impaired mother, Winklaar has developed an experimental exhibition in which he allows a wide audience, including blind and visually impaired visitors, to experience a fashion collection by touch as well. Whereas a fashion collection in a museum would ordinarily be not for touching, it is precisely the sense of touch that Winklaar is inviting the public to use.

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New acquisition in the museum

Escher in The Palace recently acquired the sculpture Antigravity (2019) by Canadian sculptor and architect David Umemoto through a special acquisition fund. The sculpture is currently on view in room 9 at the museum, between M.C. Escher’s prints.

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Dutchman Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972) is one of the most famous graphic artists in the world. The way he plays with perspective, space and reality means he remains fascinating even today. The highlights of his collection can be seen in Escher in The Palace.

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The life of Escher, year by year. In over 70 informative chapters you learn about his life and work, ending with the opening of Escher in The Palace.

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Audio guides

Escher in The Palace offers two tours in which you will learn more about Escher's masterpieces, his techniques and the story behind the prints.
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