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Escher today

Here we tap into dates from M.C. Eschers life and work, jumping through time but always in the now. All year round you can enjoy background stories, anecdotes and trivia about this fascinating artist.

Temple at Segesta

Escher visited Sicily for the first time in the spring of 1932, together with his friend and painter Giuseppe Haas-Triverio. From Palermo they travelled to the coast, circled Mount Etna, to Randazzo and visited the lava formations at Bronte. In just over a month, Escher made 23 drawings and took numerous photos.

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The submerged cathedral

In the legend of Ys, a mythical Breton city which lies below sea level is submerged by water when the daughter of the king, blinded by love, opens the gates for her lover. According to the legend the outlines of the cathedral occasionally rise from the mist while the tower bells seem to toll.
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The Lost Princess

The Escher archive in Kunstmuseum The Hague includes a little storybook that was published in 1898 – the year Escher was born. Escher often read stories to his three sons from the book. His eldest son George had vivid memories of
"feverish nights, lying in bed as a child, while my father read to me by the light of a half-veiled lamp in an attempt to lull me to sleep."
George mentions in particular the story of ‘The Lost Princess’ which provided the inspiration for the print Castle in the Air, from January 1928. Former curator Mickey Piller explores the origins of this remarkable woodcut.
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