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Learning about Escher

The museum wants to inspire every pupil from primary and secondary schools and introduce them to the life and work of M.C. Escher.

Due to the COVID-19 measures and the limited space in the museum, there are substantive and logistical adjustments to the way in which museum lessons and guided tours are taught.

Due to the above, the museum can only offer museum lessons and guided tours to school groups with a maximum size of 30 students. Would you like to come to the museum with more than 30 students or with several groups at the same time? Please e-mail us for more information or reservations in 2021 to educatie@escherinhetpaleis.nl

Unfortunately, independent and unguided group visits with a paper viewing guide cannot be booked in 2020. Please e-mail us for more information and options for spring 2021 to educatie@escherinhetpaleis.nl

Every child knows that water cannot run upstream or that a fish cannot turn into a bird. But at Escher in The Palace everything is different, because water does run upstream and fish do turn into birds!

The second floor has a special experience called ‘Through Escher’s Eyes’. An optical illusion depicts something which is in fact impossible. M.C. Escher was a master at tricking the eye.

Come and experience the joy of graphic artist M.C. Escher in Escher in The Palace. Upon booking, secondary schools receive in-depth background information and a free viewing guide. Primary school groups also receive this background information and can use the exciting scavenger hunt (9+) and explore the museum in a playful way.

Guided tour

A guided tour through the museum is also possible. The tour is adjusted to the level and age of the students. A maximum of 15 students per guide can take part. The additional costs for a one-hour tour are €60,- per guide.

Contact and information

Book your visit by email via info@escherinhetpaleis.nl or call the museum at +31 (0)70-42 777 30.