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Escher-Umiker family at Scheveningen, 1931

The holidays are a time for relaxing, fun and enjoyment. Not just for the busy people of today, but also for M.C. Escher in his day. He rarely worked on his prints during the summer months. He visited Switzerland, France or Italy with his family, went on holidays with Jetta or one of his sons or he made journeys by sea with his wife or friends. Or he was in the Netherlands.

As is the case in this photograph, which shows the young family relaxing on the beach in Scheveningen. It is the summer of 1931. Maurits and Jetta are living in Rome with their sons George (5) and Arthur (2½). During summer it is incredibly hot there, so they leave the city whenever they can. Earlier that summer they were in Ravello and in Switzerland and during July/August they spent time in the Netherlands. Maurits does meet with some business contacts but there is definitely some time left over for relaxing.