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International Cat Day on Corsica

It is International Cat Day. That should lead to an abundance of cute cat movies, but we will mark the occasion by sharing one of Escher’s prints. He depicted several cats (and catlike animals) in his linocuts and woodcuts, mainly in his younger years. Sometimes as a subject, sometimes as a detail.

Like in this woodcut of the Corsican mountain town of Corte. Escher visited the island in the spring of 1928, with his father-in-law*. Jetta stayed at home; she was pregnant with their second child. From atop a wall, a white cat looks into an alley of the seemingly deserted town. Its presence is subtle, yet compelling.


[*] Wim Hazeu, M.C. Escher, Een biografie, Meulenhoff, 1998, page 143

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