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Get to know Maurits Cornelis Escher. Articles by our curator and other authors which provide deeper insight into his life and work. In Escher Today you can follow the artist even more closely.

Yearning for the sea

‘I speak about it with all kinds of people, but only a seasoned cargo boat passenger can understand what I’m talking about. And you never (or very rarely) come across such people on land.’
Escher wrote this to his son Arthur. Escher was yearning for the sea. He had a profound love of the sea and everything associated with it.

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‘And so, with the supremely ironical connection to the tradition of our "forefathers", an entirely new phenomenon came into being.’ In  a previous story I wrote about how Escher drew inspiration from the late mediaeval artist Hieronymus Bosch; this time the inspiration stems from the Golden Age. More specifically: emblemata. These ‘images with adages' are what led indirectly to his recognition as an artist.

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Escher, inspired by Bosch

Art lovers have been waiting for years. Dates are being selected and tickets ordered. People are eagerly awaiting a retrospective exhibition and numerous festivities. Late medieval painter Jheronimus Bosch died 500 years ago, and that is being commemorated on a grand scale in 2016. But what does Jheronimus Bosch’s work have to do with Escher? More than you think!

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Preserved for posterity

It goes without saying that Escher lives on in his work, as befits a good artist. Yet there's more, much more. There's an archive. A treasure trove of family photos, travel journals, letters and diaries.

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Reflections of fascination

A hand is shown in minute detail. The hand is holding a sphere. A spherical mirror, showing the reflection of an artist: Maurits Cornelis Escher, one of the world’s most renowned graphic artists. His playful view on perspective, space and reality fascinates people around the world. And it’s M.C. Escher’s oeuvre that I have the privilege of curating. Two weeks ago, I was appointed as a curator at Escher in The Palace in the Hague. And I love it!

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