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Get to know Maurits Cornelis Escher. Articles by our curator and other authors which provide deeper insight into his life and work. In Escher Today you can follow the artist even more closely.

Escher, close up: a fresh look at the famous artist and his work

On 3 February our new exhibition opened: Escher, close up. Escher was a keen photographer and for the first time his photo archive is on show. It gives us a new perspective on the artist and his work. How did this exhibition come about?

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Escher’s cabinet of curiosities, part 2

In my previous story, I wrote about Escher’s cabinet of curiosities. A picture of this cabinet still exists, dating from 1915. What can this picture tell us about Escher? First and foremost: Escher was not a boy with a shabby room and a couple of dull posters of beautiful girls above his bed. This was a serious young man with serious interests who was given space to extend these and show them off.

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Escher’s cabinet of curiosities

During the 17th century it became fashionable among the elite to create ‘cabinets of curiosities’. Escher had such a room too, albeit a small 20th-century one. It doesn’t exist anymore, but fortunately we still have the photos.

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Escher tattoos

The work of all great masters is revered, copied and parodied, but no other artist has had his or her work feature so prolifically in tattoos as Escher. The Dutch grandmaster of graphic art is also the king of body art.

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A different perspective

'Doesn’t it make you dizzy?’ ‘That’s the whole point!’

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