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David Umemoto: Architect of the Impossible

14 November 2019 to 9 February 2020

This autumn, the exhibition David Umemoto: Architect van het onmogelijke (Architect of the Impossible) will be presented at Escher in The Palace. The exhibition features highlights by the world-famous printmaker M.C. Escher alongside sculptures by David Umemoto.

David Umemoto (Hamilton, Canada, 1975) balances on the line between sculpture and architecture. Canadian Umemoto is originally an architect, but has started focusing increasingly on sculpture. In his rigid concrete statues of buildings, he pushes the envelope of perfection in both disciplines: stairs lead nowhere and walls stop in the wrong place. His sculptures have much in common with the impossible buildings of graphic artist M.C. Escher, who gained international fame with his prints full of endless stairs and fish that transform into birds.

David Umemoto, District 1, 2018. Modern Shapes Gallery.
David Umemoto, District 2, 2018. Modern Shapes Gallery.

The work of David Umemoto can be admired alongside the prints of M.C. Escher at Escher in The Palace until 9 February. Come be amazed by the thematic richness and mastery of the subject matter perfected by Escher and Umemoto and discover the skills and craftsmanship of both artists.

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