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Horn of Plenty

1 June to 27 August 2006

Recent drawings by Fernando Botero

In the summer of 2006, Escher in The Palace paid tribute to the Colombian painter, draftsman and sculptor Fernando Botero. The Abu Ghraib series, which Botero made as a result of the events in the eponymous prison, was shown here for the first time. Because Botero blows up the proportions of his subjects, we often associate his work with innocence. However, there is no trace of this in these prison drawings. Human cruelty is unveiled, from a dog with bared teeth in front of a naked man kneeling on a tiled floor to the man suspended by his foot in an indefinite space in an almost classical pose.

Fernando Botero, Man falling from a horse, watercolour, 2005
Fernando Botero, Pic Nic, watercolour, 2006
Fernando Botero, Man with umbrella, watercolour, 2005
Fernando Botero, Abu Ghraib 37, pencil, 2005

A photo exhibition was held in the basement at the same time: Jolly– Botero, photos that Willy Jolly took of Botero. The Hague-based photographer Willy Jolly has taken many photos of the artist in recent years, a selection of which was shown at our palace in the summer.