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Time Magazine, 1954

In 1951 magazines Time and Life published an interview with M.C. Escher, both made by journalist Israel Shenker. These publications fueled the international interest for his work, but in 1954 things really got out of hand. In September Escher had a succesful solo exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, followed by another one in the Whyte Gallery in Washington DC. He sold 86 out of the 114 prints (for over 13.000 guilders), a result never before achieved by a Dutch graphic artist in the US.

After these fall exhibitions orders for his prints kept pouring in. On 25 October 1954, during the expo in Washington, Time Magazine published another article on Escher (titled The Gamesman). The artist was put on a pedestal and from that moment on the American interest in his work would grow immensely. The intro in Time:

‘Maurits Cornells Escher (rhymes with mesher) looks like an El Greco cardinal in modern mufti. A gaunt, stooped 56, he wears his white spade beard, sport jacket and grey flannels with the air of a severe fellow who knows what matches what. Odd yet precise matches are Escher’s forte.’

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