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Lange Voorhout 74
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Emma’s Winter Palace

The former winter palace of Queen Emma, the Queen Mother is a building bursting with history and stories. This audio tour will tell you all about the building, where Emma spent a sizeable proportion of her life. Discover more about the layout and usage of the former salons and other royal rooms and find out all kinds of special details about the building. The audio tour will guide you through the palace and enable you to soak up the regal atmosphere of this unique city palace on Lange Voorhout.

Each room on the ground floor and first floor of the museum has its own stop. The audio tour can be listened to free of charge through the izi.TRAVEL website and the app. You can also listen to it below. You can use your own headphones or purchase a set at our counter for €1.

Lange Voorhout Palace


Front drawing room

Rear drawing room


Parquet flooring Donald Judd

Green Drawing Room

Serving room

Dining room



Balcony room

Sitting room



Royal guest suite