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Lange Voorhout 74
2514 EH Den Haag
T: +31 70-4277730
E: info@escherinhetpaleis.nl

Expected: Royal Encounters

5 September to 6 November 2022

A royal encounter will be taking place in Escher in The Palace this autumn. In honour of the graphic art and printmaking triennial Grafiek2022, the museum has invited 10 artists from The Hague to draw inspiration from Lange Voorhout Palace and its main occupant, Queen Mother Emma. The selected artists normally create work in a variety of disciplines, from large architectural installations to photography. This exhibition entails them being challenged to step outside their comfort zone by producing new graphic work.

The graphic arts are tremendously important in a museum in which the core focus is the work of the Netherlands’ most famous graphic artist, M.C. Escher. Now, these ten artists’ designs will see the museum offer contemporary interpretations of this theme. The artists are being supervised at the Grafische Werkplaats in The Hague, where they are being introduced to a variety of graphic techniques. The baroque interiors of this former city palace, the history of this special place on the Lange Voorhout, the influence of Queen Mother Emma on the Dutch monarchy – all this forms a rich source of inspiration that will manifest itself in a wide array of ways in the exhibition, which will cast a contemporary light on the possibilities and challenges of the graphic medium.


Ai Hashimoto
Hanna de Haan
Koos Breen
Lotte van Lieshout
Marleen Sleeuwits
Nynke Koster
Remco Osório Lobato
Thijs Ebbe Fokkens
Yaïr Callender
Zeger Reyers

Nynke Koster, Commission Pallas Athena - Soestdijk Palace, 2017
Koos Breen, Photograph from Faux Riche series, 2013
Hanna de Haan, Amare, pencil on paper, 2019
Yair Callender, Untitled, 2019