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The Third Day of the Creation

In Escher at The Palace you can always view Eschers well known works; Day and Night, Ascending and Descending, Reptiles, Waterfall, Print Gallery, Relativity, Encounter, Other World, Convex and Concave, etc. But of course we also pay attention to the many other prints from his oeuvre, which spans over 50 years. But before they get the attention they deserve and their moment of fame has come, they’ve awaited their turn in the archive. Patiently, yet firmly.

In March we’ve had a new change of works in which a number of prints have gone back to ‘sleep’ and a new series of treasures has stept on the stage. One of them is the woodcut The Third Day of the Creation. In the winter of 1925/1926 Escher worked on a series of six woodcuts about the creation, ‘I sei giorni della creazione‘. The series gathered a lot of appreciation, both in the Netherlands as in Italy where he exhibited them in May 1926. Besides day three also day one, five and six are on view. With his initials and date Escher also cut a Genesis reference into each print of the series. For The Third Day of the Creation it’s Genesis 1:9-13. It says on day three God created the earth, the sea, the plants and the trees. In a wonderful mix of black & white, shape & residual shape and yin & yang Escher creates his own version of this day.

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