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Escher in The Palace Audio Guide

In this tour we visit individual works by the artist and you wil learn about his school years, the techniques Escher used and his sources of inspiration. The tour is available on the IZI travel platform but you can also listen to it on this page.


M.C. Escher, Eight Heads, woodcut, printed once from the whole block and eight times from different parts, January, February or March, 1922

Eight Heads

M.C. Escher, In Mesquita's Classroom, woodcut, 1920 or 1921

In Mesquita’s Classroom

Not on view at this moment.

M.C. Escher, Inside St Peter's, wood engraving, 1935

Inside St Peter’s

M.C. Escher, La Mezquita, Cordoba, black and white chalk, June 1936


MC. Escher, Rippled Surface, linoleum cut in black and gray brown, printed from two blocks, 1950

Rippled Surface

Tessellations and studies

M.C. Escher, Still Life and Street, woodcut, March 1937

Still Life and Street

Impresson of the staircase at the 'HBS Arnhem 1913', Photo Studio Gerrit Schreurs, 2014

The staircase in the high school in Arnhem

M.C. Escher, Relativity, lithograph, July 1953


M.C. Escher, Other World, wood engraving and woodcut in black, reddish brown and green, printed from three blocks, January 1947

Other World

M.C. Escher, Belvedere, lithograph, May 1958


M.C. Escher, Day and Night, woodcut in black and pale blue, printed from two blocks, February 1938

Blue Day and Night