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Create your own tessellation

Children can join our walk-in workshops on Sunday afternoons and, during school holidays, on Wednesday afternoons. Due to the regulations regarding Covid-19 they are offered in adapted form. A maximum of 5 children can be admitted per workshop and parents are unfortunately not allowed to attend the workshop. To avoid queues and crowds, you can register your child in advance at the Escher Atelier registration list for a workshop within the time slot of your visit.

Workshop for children

M.C. Escher was fascinated, maybe even obsessed, by tessellations. He could puzzle for hours, days and months on the many ways a plane could be filled with repetitive figures.

Would you like to try this yourself? Now you can. On Wednesdays during school holidays and on Sundays we organize a special workshop in which you can make your own tessellation!

The workshops last 45 minutes and will be offered in four time slots: 12.30-13.15, 13.30-14.15, 14.45-15.30 and 15.45-16.30. Make sure that the workshop falls within the time slot of your museum ticket.

Admission free for paying visitors. Max 5 children per workshop.

In order to guarantee everybody’s safety, we use hygiene rules that are in line with the RIVM guidelines. For example, before and after each workshop, the tables, stools, tape holders and scissors used are disinfected by the museum teacher. The museum teacher will also keep 1.5 meters distance from both parents and children.

M.C. Escher, Plane Filling II, lithograph, July 1957
Regular division drawing no. 71, April 1948

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